[Android] How do I choose what to see in the book details display?

You can now choose which fields (calibre columns) to show and the order in which they appear. To do this, tap on a book to see its details, then tap on the menu button (normally 3 dots) and select "Choose items to display". The "Choose items..." menu line is available only in book details. A dialog will open showing you all the fields in that book. Uncheck the fields you don't want to see, and use the up/down arrows to reorder the fields that you do want to see.


  • a long-press on an arrow will move that item 5 rows.
  • Scrolling to the bottom of the list will show a Reset button. Tapping this button will restore the list to its default order with all items checked.
  • If you change which fields and their order in book details for one book then those settings will be applied in other books.
Charles Haley
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